Patch Notes [24/12] - Metal Revolution


Dear Revolutionaries,

In order to ensure stable server operation and service quality and to deliver a better gaming experience, the Metal Revolution server will be out of service for maintenance at 3:00 (UTC-5) on Dec 24, 2021. If the maintenance is not completed at the designated time, the server re-opening time will be postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes for our Fighters. Considering the large size of this update, we will send 5 Legendary Dimension Keys and 2000 Gems to every Revolutionary as compensation. Looking forward to seeing you in the arena of the S2 new season! Hold up your fists to defend our glory!


[New Content]

1. New combat mode: Solo Matching Mode. Players can practice and have fun in this mode to earn Coins and EXP, but the results won't count toward rank score.

2. New mecha: umi ito

3. New skins: Saint Ted, Runic Bear, Frozen Jiangshi, Cold Snap, Cryotia, Pirate Queen, Winter Warrior, Yanki Ren, Iron Chef, Sakura Clan, Sencha Clan, Mist Clan

4. New combat scene: City Eve

5. New items: Female Ninja Mecha Trial Card (1D), Skin Selection Chests of each Ranked Match tier


[Combat Adjustments]

1. Fixed the visual effect size and appearance time of the guard. Reduced the situation that the visual effect appears at the long-range and appears early.

2. The Counter Hit can't be countered by 3-Bars Super and 5-Bars Ultimate 

3. Added the new mechanism, Projectile Reflection, for some mechas. (Trishula, Justitia, Mike Lee, Kong and Umi Ito) 

4. Added the new mechanism, Crazy Reversals. Using the Overdrive Dash when be hit can trigger the Crazy Reversals. 

5. The throw for punish can't be throw tech. 

6. Decreased the speed of energy recovery. 

7. Removed the invincible frame of the normal Dash (Button B)

8. Optimized all mechas' Jump+X, opponent will have 5 frames hit stun when hit. 


[Character Adjustments]

Jamal Ritter

1. Jamal Ritter's Jump+Y consumes opponent 2 bars of energy on block and adjusted to 2 hits.

2. Increased the damage of Up+Y. Optimized Up+Y's hitbox and decreased distance of pushback on hit. 

3. Increased the recovery frames of Up+X

Ted Graham

1. Decreased Stand Y's few active frames.

2. Up+Y needs more time to charge and become 2 hits when he hit the opponent in the air. Increased distance of pushback on block and consumes 3 bars of energy on block.

3. Increased the hit stun of the second normal attack

Kim Woo Ryong

1. Kim's Down+Y consumes opponent 1 more bar of energy on block. 


1. Increased the range of 3-Bars Super

Mike Lee

1. Increased the damage of Jump+Y, decreased distance of pushback on hit.

2. Decreased distance of pushback on block of Stand Y 

Miyamoto Ren

1. Increased the range of the first normal attack. 

2. Optimized Up+X's hitbox so that can get more benefit from anti-air. 


1. Xophi-IX's Jump+Y consumes opponent 1 more bar of energy on block.


1. Removed the armor of Up+X, increased upper right hitbox and active frames. Increased the recovery frames. 

2. Adjusted the height of jump. 

Ethan Ledger

1. Down+Y can't be blocked 


1. Kong's Stand Y consumes the opponent 1 less bar of energy on block.

2. Decreased the recovery frame of 5-Bars Ultimate


1. Added some invincible frames for the 3-Bars Super, but it will be hit by 5-Bars Ultimate.

2. Increased the recover frame of the 3-Bars Super, it will be punish on block. 


[Resolved Issues]

1. Fixed the bug that Challenge the Masters configuration time does not match in-game time.

2. Fixed the bug that new mecha icon is not displayed.

3. Fixed the bug that the interface may freeze in a fight.

4. Fixed the bug that the new mecha cannot be seen in the shop.

5. Fixed the bug that the room cannot be entered after the Arena Master left the room in Arena Master Gauntlet Tournament.

6. Fixed the bug of incorrect display in Friend interface.

7. Fixed the bug that the opponent will be knockdown without loop combos. 

8. Fixed the bug that tapping the Spectator tag causes it to freeze.

9. Fixed the bug that login sign-in does not appear and causes black screen.

10. Fixed the bug that fight results do not appear after the fight after switching account on the same device.

11. Fixed the bug that tapping the Shop immediately after tapping the Arena causes black screen.

12. Fixed the bug that graphics quality is reset to High after viewing Command List under Low graphics quality.

13. Fixed the bug that viewing personal message page while spectating causes the interface to freeze.


[Improved Experience]

1. Game Hall background changed to umi ito.

2. Adjusted the position where Core is displayed. Considerably increased Fission Core rewards. Revolutionaries may now obtain various highly exclusive skins within a short period.

3. Treasure Card Pool updated with many super rare skins added!

4. After the addition of Matching Mode, we added a condition to Ranked Match participation. A Revolutionary should reach Level 8 and own 5 mechas to participate in the Ranked Match, and Ranked Match mode is closed between 2:00 and 8:00 in the morning.



All accounts employing plug-ins, accelerators or other third-party software in-game for cheating purposes will be caught via back-end monitoring and penalized through deduction of the benefits gained through cheating, or freezing or closing of the account. We ask all Fighters to help us maintain a healthy and fair gaming environment. If you notice any abnormal activity, you may contact our Customer Services in Privacy Settings.

We'll continue improving this version to bring you a better gaming experience. If you have any questions about the game, please get in touch with the community or Customer Service. We're here to help.









Metal Revolution Consortium

Dec 24, 2021