Challenge the Masters (9/10)--Metal Revolution



Event Period: 19:00 – 22:00 (server time) daily from Sep 10 – Sep 12

Server: South America 1


For Champions:

1. 3 days before the gauntlet tournament opens, the champions will be officially appointed and their entry order and time will be decided.

2. Champion Rewards: Winning 1 round will earn the Champion 500 Gems. Losing 1 round will lose them 750 Gems (Does not go into the negative). A maximum of 8,000 Gems can be earned. The rewards will be distributed when the gauntlet match ends. If the win rate of the Champion is higher than 85% at the end of the gauntlet match (At least 10 matches required), then their Gem rewards will be doubled.

3. After the entry order and time is confirmed, Champions will have to enter the specified gauntlet arena and finish at least 10 matches. If there are any possible issues, please contact us in advance. You will be punished for absence without sufficient reason, neglecting the arena for an extended amount of time, or not playing the matches seriously.

4. Champion Punishments:

1)  Absence without reason/Neglecting the arena for over 20 minutes: 2,000 Gems deducted and further chances of cooperation will not be considered.

2)  Playing less than 10 matches: 200 Gems deducted for each match less than 10.

3)  Not playing seriously (or losing on purpose): 200 Gems deducted for each match.


For Challengers:

1. During the event period, challengers can enter specific gauntlet arena rooms to challenge the Champion.

2. Winning against the Champion will earn you 200 Coins and a Vodka Cask. Losing will earn you nothing. When you win, you may no longer challenge the Champion you won against any more. You will have to challenge another Champion in a different time period. 


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