Global Closed Beta -- Metal Revolution


Dear trailblazer,


Welcome to the world of Metal Revolution. As a groundbreaking game, we are devoted to rebuilding the soul of classic fighting games. Inspired by mecha in Cyberpunk, we’ll be introducing a more flexible battle mode. No matter who you are, whether you’re a big fan of fighting games or a casual gamer, you’ll have fun in Metal Revolution. Come and join us for a new adventure!


This is the first closed beta of Metal Revolution worldwide, come and enjoy this next-generation mobile fighting game!


Test specifications:

1. This is the closed beta. We are still making improvements in the game, and this test is not the final version of Metal Revolution.

2. Server availability: 12am, 20th May, 2021 – 12am, 04th Jun, 2021 (UTC-4)

3. All content in this test is free. After the test, we will close the server and delete all accounts. All data will be deleted.

4. To offer you a better in-game experience, we have prepared great benefits in the game.

5. Four regions available for this test: South America, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We deeply apologize if your in-game experience is affected by internet delay, we will continually work on optimizing your in-game experience.

6. Follow our official community account for any updates and find friends who share same interests!










Metal Revolution Publishing Team