New Season, New Mecha


The theme of season 3: Warriors Reborn!

In the ring of smoke and mirrors, a new challenger takes the stage, and he is:


[Paulo Silva] was always a little too rash, but anything he focused on for more than 5 minutes he could master. He took his world famous yoyo skills on tour around his home, the Pindorama Isles and became famous locally and abroad. He was invited on a world tour, and when he left, he found the world was blighted with pollution outside his tropical paradise. When he returned home, he was not a kid anymore, but a young man with a plan to bring the prosperity of Pindorama to the rest of the world. With his skills and popular following, there's nothing to stop [Paulo] from climbing to the top. And with the winnings from the Metal Revolution championships, he could lift up others.


How does it feel? Does season 3 add a bit of anticipation to you? These are just the tip of the iceberg! With your support Metal Revolution will be even better in the future! Let's start a new era of fighting!


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