Ask the Producer - Catalina Gomez


In the course of the game you must have these questions or suggestions: How was the character designed? Does the scene have a specific meaning? Where did the idea for these skins come from? Is this character too powerful? We selected some questions from players and here are the answers from our developers.


1. Why does Catalina Gomez have a Spanish name but speaks in Italian?

There was some miscommunication during her development which resulted in her being voiced in Italian. We plan to record new lines for her in the future.


2. What’s the best way to use Catalina’s Down+Y?

Catalina’s Down+Y is as a counter move similar to Jamal’s Down+Y. Use it right before you are hit to open your opponent up for a flashy combo. It is effective against both ground and aerial attacks. After a successful counter, repeatedly press Down+Y to perform the full sequence.


3. Why was her name changed from Judy Marceau to Catalina Gomez? 

Our characters usually go through many iterations during development. At one point she was a French fencer, but since we already had a French character we eventually went with a Torero design.


4. What is your inspiration for Catalina? 

Fencing is a classic and well-known combat style and sport, first documented in what is now Spain and Portugal, and evolving into what it is today in Italy and France. The developers thought it would be fun to design a fencing character. We looked at the traditional art of fencing, as well as characters in other games that fence, to think about how to make Catalina’s moves cool and interesting. In addition to traditional fencing, Catalina also has some unique aspects that I hope everyone will enjoy.


5. How come Catalina doesn’t have an avatar frame?

Her avatar frame will be available in an upcoming update.


6. Do you think that Catalina is somehow related to Justitia?

Justitia is a mysterious business woman with ulterior motives. Though not related from the outside, we should always suspect that other contestants might be working with Justitia to find out more information about the tournament's benefactors.


7. Can you tell us something about Catalina's motivation for joining the MR Tournament?

Catalina is highly competitive, always looking for the biggest challenge (so she says).


8. What is her nationality?

She is from the EMENA Union, a major power in the future.












Metal Revolution Community Team