Content Creator Program -- Metal Revolution


Revolutionaries, are you interested in creating content for Metal Revolution and getting special support from us? If yes, you are welcome to sign up for the Content Creator Program! 

The program aims to show our appreciation and support for the creative minds in our community. We want to encourage more players to create content and help them grow their platform and audience. But before you sign up, please read the details below.



• You must be at least 18 years of age.

• You must be a community member with a positive attitude.

• Your game account (or accounts) must be in good standing.

• You need be either an active video creator, writer, designer, streamer, or social media influencer who is enthusiastic in creating Metal Revolution related work.

• Your Social Media account must be compliant with the platform's Terms of Service.

• Your content must not violate or promote violations of the Terms of Service.


What can we provide you?

Exclusive Communication 

You will be invited to a dedicated Content Creator Discord Channel in order to communicate with the team. You will be able to receive first-hand information about Metal Revolution.


Exclusive Visual Materials

You will receive visual materials and information you need about Metal Revolution to help you with your creations.     


In-game Rewards

You will receive game currency according to the quality and quantity of your content. Additionally, the team may reach out to you and ask you to create a specific piece of content for Metal Revolution in exchange for an additional amount of game currency. 


YouTube Playlist 

If you're a Content Creator on YouTube, you will be added to a dedicated playlist on our official YouTube channel.


Social Media Features 

Your content may be featured on our official Social Media channels. Who gets featured will be up to the team's discretion.


How to apply

Please fill out and submit this form: The team will contact you via email or Discord if you are chosen. 


Let's build the Metal Revolution community together! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!