Closed Beta FAQ--Metal Revolution


We aim to collect feedback and refine the game during the Closed Beta test before releasing it to a wider audience. In this session, we will answer some frequently asked questions from our Revolutionaries. 
Q: Why am I getting a loss when I win a match? Is this caused by some kind of cheat program? 
A: We have verified that this bug is caused by the AI fighter and not a 3rd party program, and the issue has been fixed in the current version. The team has investigated several 3rd party programs and has not found any that can affect the outcome of a match. We will continue to be vigilante on cheats and crackdown on cheaters. 
Q: Why am I not getting my purchases? 
A: We fixed a related bug and improved how purchased items are delivered to accounts. This issue should be much less likely to occur now, but anyone who encounters this issue should submit a ticket to customer service and we will resolve it as soon as possible. 
Here to submit a ticket: 
Q: Will you buff or nerf fighters for game balance? 
A: Yes of course. Currently, all the fighters are within expected win rates, but we are always prepared to make balance adjustments if necessary. 
Q: When will we get new fighters? 
A: New fighters will be introduced with each season, so please stay tuned. 
Q: Why are the matchmaking queue times so long? 
A: We are making a lot of adjustments to matchmaking and ranked structure using data from this test to optimize queue times. 
Q: Can you add something like a "play of the match" or highlights feature? 
A: Good suggestion, we are currently working on something of this nature. 
Q: Will there be community tournaments? 
A: More community tournament content will be released before and after launch. Please stay tuned. 
Q: When is the official launch? 
A: We are very close to the official launch. We are currently in the final stretch and putting all our efforts into polishing the game to give everyone the best experience possible. 
Q: When will the iOS version be out? 
A: The iOS version will launch with the Open Beta. In the meantime, those with Android devices can try the game by downloading the APK from the official Metal Revolution website. 
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