Developer Q&A Time -- Metal Revolution


Greetings, Trailblazers! During the Closed Beta of Metal Revolution, we received a lot of feedback and questions from you guys. For some of the more frequently asked questions, we brought them to the dev team, and here are their answers!


Q: When will the game officially launch?

A: We are planning to launch in Q3 2021, starting in select regions first.


Q: Will my game progress be erased after the closed beta is over?

A: Yes, all game progress will be erased after the closed beta.


Q: Will the game be released on any platform besides mobile?

A: We are currently assessing other gaming platforms, please stay tuned.


Q: Will the game support all types of controllers? Which controllers are currently supported?

A: Currently Xbox controllers are supported, while other brand controllers may vary in functionality. The team is currently working on supporting as many types of controllers as possible.


Q: Will there be more fighters added?

A: Yes, we will continue to add new fighters.


Q: Will you add new combos and special moves?

A: We will be constantly adjusting and optimizing the combat.


Q: Why does the server lag?

A: Each player's network and server connection situation is different, but we are always working on improving overall server stability. We collect player connection data during these tests to iron out server and network issues, which will lead to a better game experience in future tests and release.


Q: I can't beat the AI in arcade mode, can you reduce the difficulty?

A: We will adjust the difficulty of the AI according to player data.


Q: Any plans to add Brazilians to the dev team?

A: Right now we would love to add more Brazilian mods and work with more Brazilian content creators. Please watch for further announcements.


Q: Was Jamal inspired by someone in real life?

A: Most of our fighters represent certain fighting/cultural styles, and not any individual in particular.


Q: Has it been difficult to develop a fighting game in the middle of the pandemic?

A: The pandemic definitely affected us as it did everyone, but the team has been doing their best to finally put the game in players' hands.


Q: Can we upload our own avatar images?

A: The team is evaluating having custom avatars.


Q: Are you planning to add new intro and victory animations?

A: The team is evaluating the possibility of new intro and victory animations.


Q: When will I be able to purchase gems?

A: We will enable the Recharge function in the next closed beta. Your recharges will carry over to release).


Q: How often will we see character balance updates? Weekly? Monthly? Bimonthly?

A: We plan to have weekly updates for minor tweaks and monthly updates for major ones. More details on balance updates will be announced at a later time.


Q: Can I keep the skins I got after the Closed Beta is over?

A: All game progress including skins will be erased after the closed beta, but the exclusive CBT event skin Sakura Warrior will carry over to future tests and release.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through the links below. By the way, don't forget to pre-register through our official website and finish the missions to earn rewards before the official launch!


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