Jamal Ritter

After the death of the great Connor, his son Jamal Ritter took up his mantle and quickly became a popular MR Tournament fighter.

Jamal worked at the fish market and trained with his coach. His life was shattered by a series of secret assassinations and, underneath the mysteries, he was surprised to discover that the killers were under the direction of M-Consortium, and his father may not be dead.


In order to avenge the destruction of her family on Miyamoto Ren, Inari used the key of her old friend Jamal to infiltrate the factory and try to confront Miyamoto in the tournament. But Miyamoto told her that she and her family were created by the M-Consortium. Inari saw several of herself and several of Miyamoto and realized that she would never be able to defeat these robots.

Miyamoto Ren

Miyamoto Ren was orphaned by a gang when he was a child, and since then he has become ruthless, relying on his hard work to become a key member of the Yakuza. Miyamoto used the Consortium's M-Metal to integrate his cellular functions with the mainframe.

Miyamoto escaped from the Consortium and the Yakuza. Then, in a network project, they copied his consciousness to create 88 machine clones.

Xuan Cuo

He was given the name "Xuan Cuo" by his master, which emphasizes that all the mistakes are meant to be. He learns from any mistakes he makes to improve himself until enlightenment.

Xuan Cuo learned martial arts skills all over the world, abandoned his body and distracting thoughts, replaced them with a mechanical body, aiming to achieve epiphany and gain more wisdom by combining the human mind with artificial intelligence.

Catalina Gomez

As the daughter of a fencing master and a prized matador from the most renowned mecha-bullfighting family in Spain, Catalina learned how to use a sword from an early age, being educated in the art of The True Dexterity. She traveled to Italy to learn the art of arms but was involved in Mafia. After killing the Giovanni Clan, Catalina became a top killer.

Paulo Silva

Anything Paulo Silva focused on for more than 5 minutes he could master. He is from the Pindorama Isles, and through yoyo skills he became famous locally and abroad. While touring the world, Paul discovered serious pollution outside. He grew from this and planned to take the prosperity of his hometown around the world and use the winnings from MR championships to lift up others.

Umi Ito

Kageko, a ninjutsu prodigy, is the ideal heir to the Kagekaze clan of the Four Winds. A syndicate named Metal Oni tore through the Four Winds lands in an attempt to drive the clans’ people to extinction. Kageko and her sensei led clans to repel the enemy, but sensei died and Kageko vowed to avenge.

Two years later, she appeared in Metal Revolution under the name of Umi Ito.


Xophi-IX was an automated artificial intelligence of the M-Consortium. The words XOPHI were five commands that apply to the execution of assassination missions. At the factory, Mike Lee took down Xophi and hacked into her program to change the five commands to human aspects, and she becomes her true self from then on.

X - Execute/Passion; O - Identify/Purpose; P- Exercise/Meaning; H - Emotional/Reason; I - Unlimited/Fearless.

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